Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Early Registration!!!!

Hooray! It is that time!
Registration begins MAY 1st, 2013.
All you have to do is print out the registration form and send it in with your fee.

If you have any questions about registration you can contact Christy Misplay or Cortney Reed.

If you are wishing to pre-register please follow the steps below to do so. Thanks in advance!

1. Email us at lincolncountydanceforlife@yahoo.com
2. Send us a request for the Registration form.
3. We will send you the form to print out and send in.

Registration will also be available the morning of the race at 7am.
We encourage you to pre-register to ensure a speedy process that morning.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oyster Ridge Music Festival!

The Oyster Ridge Music Festival is the largest FREE music festival around! Make sure you check out their site to keep up to date on all the weekend events!



I hope you all are preparing yourselves for a great race!! We are going to have pre-registration beginning May 1st, 2013! You will be able to access the link to the forms through our site!
The fee is $25. This is for each event. So an individual entering the 5k pays $25 and each family will pay $25 for the family fun mile! We look forward to meeting all of you at the start line!